It’s a simple reality of business that a killer first impression can lead to the dream opportunities, clients or collaborations you’ve been working so hard to secure. People who nail the first impression are the ones landing the gigs, even if they may not be the best at the job itself. Why? Because you may be one of a million that’s offering the same service, but ultimately people are buying people. Those who are neglecting to develop a memorable image and personal brand are getting left behind.

Within seven seconds of meeting someone for the first time, 11 rapid-fire decisions are made about you based on the way that you choose to “self-package” yourself. These decisions are based on three factors of your representation; your visual (what you wear, how you wear it), physiological (body language, posture) and verbal (not what you say, but the tone of voice that you say it in). Your image forms 80% of that impression

Whether you’re facing a job interview or have already landed your dream job, anuj can help you find the perfect corporate mix and match wardrobe to get you through your working week

Anuj can visit you in your home to assess your corporate wardrobe and make recommendations on what works, what doesn’t and what’s missing.

then accompany you on a personal shopping trip to help you buy all the pieces you need to create a working wardrobe of mix and match separates to create a variety of corporate looks.

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Anuj Lalwani is an experinced fashion & Retail professional. Who has been involved in the indian market since the post 12 year. he has been associated with the sector both as a professional and an entreprenour as a fashion designer and fashion stylist.

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