Advertising First task is to find clothing and accessories and change model’s outfits during the photo shoot. This is one of the simplest and most technical fashion stylist job.

fashion-stylist is not just someone who assembles a proper clothing outfit for a model to wear during a photo shoot, but an artist, who shall find an interpretation of a fashion tendency, tell a particular story using the clothing and images on a photo. Clothes selected for a model by a stylist are not flashy luxury, not a simple advertisement of things to buy in a boutique of the particular designer, not a show-off for a beautiful model. It’s a tool for communication, which purpose is to create and translate a particular vision of life, particular ideal and image of a woman or a man, new styles that will be replicated by others in the future.

  • Sound and practical advice about how to dress for success in the workplace
  • Information and tips about body shape that are relevant to every person
  • A fun and friendly presentation that sparks genuine engagement
  • Perfect for time poor professionals who want quick and easy ways to always look good
  • Cut through the confusion of fashion trends and get to the heart of timeless style
  • Create an event unlike any other that appeals to staff on a personal level

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Anuj Lalwani is an experinced fashion & Retail professional. Who has been involved in the indian market since the post 12 year. he has been associated with the sector both as a professional and an entreprenour as a fashion designer and fashion stylist.

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